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Ash Dowels and Dowel Rods

Our White Ash dowels are kiln dried, clear, smooth and accurately sized.

White Ash Dowels

Common Name: Ash, White Ash
Botanical Name: Fraxinus americana
Density - g/cc: 0.638
Density - lbs/cu.ft.: 39.83
Modulus of rupture, air dry - kg/sq.mm: 11.01
Modulus of elasticity, air dry - kg/sq.mm: 1294

We supply an extensive inventory of Ash dowel rods in sizes ranging from 1/2" to 1-1/4" diameters in /36" and 48" lengths.

Learn about the Ash wood that is turned into our dowels: Ash (White Ash Group) Important species of the white ash group are American white ash (Fraxinus americana), green ash (F. pennsylvanica), blue ash (F. quadrangulata), and Oregon ash (F. latifolia). The first three species grow in the eastern half of the United States. Oregon ash grows along the Pacific Coast.The heartwood of the white ash group is brown, and the sapwood is light-colored or nearly white. Second-growth trees are particularly sought after because of the inherent qualities of the wood from these trees: it is heavy, strong, hard, and stiff, and it has high resistance to shock.  American white ash is used principally for nonstriking tool handles, oars, baseball bats, and other sporting and athletic goods. Principal uses for the white ash group are decorative veneer, cabinets, furniture, flooring, millwork, and crates.


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