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GVS Elipse P100 Dust Mask

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  CAD $49.45
Our Product Code: SPR-GVS-Elipse
GVS Elipse P100 Mask (S/M) CAD $49.45 GVS Elipse HESPA P100 Mask (M/L) CAD $49.45 GVS Elipse P100 Mask (S/M) + FIlter Kit CAD $67.95 GVS HESPA P100 Mask (M/L) + FIlter Kit CAD $67.95 Particle Protection - Replacement Filters CAD $21.95
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Great Value! GVS Dust and Particle Protection Mask

Our panel of experts has unanimously chosen GVS Respirators as being the most comfortable, long lasting, and best-filtering masks available - You will quickly forget you are wearing these masks!

This comfortable half-face respirator mask is designed to protect you from dust and other particulates. This will not protect you from vapors and chemicals, or nuisance odors. One set of filters is included with the mask

What's Included? - Choose Mask Only or a Kit with Replacement Filters:

  • GVS Elipse P100 Mask (Select Your Size) - Tab over for advice on sizing your mask or check the video.
  • Select a Kit with an extra pair Replacement Filters

Add a pair of replacement filters for the Elipse HESPA respirator will protect you from dust and other particles.

When should you change your Gas Mask/Vapor and Particle Mask Filters? 

When you notice odors making it through the filter, or it becomes hard to breathe through the mask clogged with dust, it's time to change filters.

*GVS Dust and Vapor Protection Masks cannot be returned or exchanged after purchase due to sanitary reasons

Woodworking and Epoxy Art can expose your lungs to all sorts of damaging substances.
A lifetime of exposure to even fine sawdust can affect your lungs similar to the way asbestos affects them!
That's not counting any of the exotic tropical hardwoods that evolved poisonous saps and resins to protect themselves from insects. Then, when you add the organic vapors and other chemicals released by curing finishes or epoxies, you can see why it really pays to have a good respirator.


Features & Benefits

> Approved to NIOSH Standard: P100
> Elipse twin filter ready to wear half mask
> Latex and silicone free, lightweight TPE face piece that is comfortable to wear for long periods of time
> Low profile filters provide unobstructed field of vision
> Compatible with other PPE safety products including visors and welding helmets

How to Use
Size & Fit Guide
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