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Pegas Scroll Saws and Pegas Replacement Blade Clamps

Explore the world of precision with Pegas Scroll Saws and discover enhanced cutting performance with our top-notch replacement blade clamps.

Unlock the potential of your Jet, Seyco, Excalibur, Dewalt, Delta, Axminster, Carbatech, or Excelsior Scroll Saw with the widely acclaimed Pegas Blade Clamps. Renowned for their popularity, these clamps elevate your scroll sawing experience. Verify compatibility with your specific scroll saw using the chart below, or simply reach out to us for personalized assistance.

Witness the difference in action! Explore our live demonstration at the Iowa Scroll Saw and Woodworking Show. In this captivating video, we utilized water to showcase the remarkable reduction in vibration, providing you with a firsthand look at the enhanced stability and performance of our scroll saws.


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  • Blade Chuck Comparison Chart

    Blade Chuck Version Comparison Components

    Suitable For Which Saws

    Reviews and Assembly Instructions

    The Original
    Top and Bottom Scroll Saw Blade Clamps plus Tension Lever

    Suitable for all EXCALIBUR (green, Anniversary and black models), EXCELSIOR, SEYCO ST-21 and KING Scroll Saws.  Lots of people are already loving them for the DeWalt 788 and Delta 690 as well.

    Review by Steve Good.



    Top and Bottom Clamp replacement (No tension lever as there is one at the front of these saws) For DeWalt 788 and Delta 690 Review by Steve Good.



    Bottom Blade Clamp replacement. (Want to change both clamps? Order the Original. JET JWSS-22 Scroll Saw.  See Steve's comments in the post on the Original. Review by Steve Good. 


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  • Testimonials

    Scroll Saw Chuck Heads by Pegas - Improve your Saw!

    Pegas Heads -- 03/25/2018 replaced my original Excalibur blade holding heads with the Pegas ones. Very quick and easy to install. The Pegas heads are less cumbersome and a bit easier to use than the original items. The Pegas heads also seem to tighten the blade to the correct tension when flipping the tension lever. My original excalibur heads didn't seem to tension enough. I was always tightening the tension knob at the back of the machine by about 1/8th to a 1/4 of a turn to get the blade tight enough. I don't have to do this with the Pegas heads, just flip the lever and cut. This makes the whole process a lot quicker, particularly with internal cuts where the blade is constantly being installed etc. Good quality item and well made. -- Rodney Trezise

    Scroll Saw Chuck Heads by Pegas - Improve your Saw!

    WOW, what an upgrade! -- 03/01/2018 My new 16" Excelsior ran like a Porsche, now it runs like a kitten! And you can clearly see the blade at the top of the clamp... -- Ken Meilleur

    Scroll Saw Chuck Heads by Pegas - Improve your Saw!

    Very Useful -- 02/15/2018 The set came packaged really and it was simple to install. I have only used the new clamps for a couple of hour but they do seem to be a little easier to use for my arthritic hands. Like Steve Good said I don't see a noticeable difference in vibration. Overall I am happy with the clamps early on. -- Kenneth Muzylowsky

    Scroll Saw Chuck Heads by Pegas - Improve your Saw!

    I would give it 6 stars if I could-- 01/15/2019 Review contents: Installed on my saw was very quick and easy. I would give it 6 stars if I could. I thought I had a new saw. What I like most is the ease of changing blades. I can see the top of the blade to clamp it. To say that it is the best thing since sliced bread and bottled beer is an understatement. Would I recommend it to other scrollers? yes-- Freeman Pascal

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