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Scroll saw Accessories  -  Upgrade your scrollsaw

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Pegas Highlights 1) Perfectly set teeth to ensure accurate cutting and a clean, smooth finish, 2) Precision stamped, tooth by tooth for straight cuts, 3) Perfect heat treatment means they are hard yet not fragile, 4) Stay sharp longer, 5) Quieter with less vibration or burning. 
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»Sample Packs »Drill Bits Read Scroll Saw Workshop's Intro of Niqua Blades


Niqua Highlights 1)  Spiral Blades with Flat Ends for easier install, 2) The wildly popular Ultra Skip + Reverse that features a fast cut with every third tooth reversed for quick, clean cutting. 3) Top quality with precision heat treatment for durability and cutting control.

Featured Product:  Pegas Blade Clamp Replacements: Reduce Vibrations, Easier Operation, and Extend the Life of your Saw

Pegas Scoll Saw Chuck Heads

These new “Blade Chuck Head Clamps” were developed in Switzerland by Pégas in association with the HEIG engineering school in Yverdon. The studies and the tests demonstrated that the weight of these heads is in direct relation with the service life and the vibrations of the machine. These new heads, manufactured with aeronautical aluminum for resilience and optimal weight, are 40 % lighter than the original HeadsVibration will be greatly reduced, and user-friendliness is improved, while at the same time better protecting the mechanical parts of the scroll saw. As you can see, they are clearly more compact than original heads and even easier of use. The assembly of these new blade clamps is very simple and takes only a few minutes.

Scroll down to order one of these excellent products.  Here is a helpful table to show comparison features of the blade clamps.

Blade Chuck Version Comparison Components

Suitable For Which Saws

Reviews and Assembly Instructions

1) SS-PEGAS-CHUCK with Tension Lever
The Original
Top and Bottom Scroll Saw Blade Clamps plus Tension Lever

Suitable for all EXCALIBUR (green, Anniversary and black models), EXCELSIOR, SEYCO ST-21 and KING Scroll Saws.  Lots of people are already loving them for the DeWalt 788 and Delta 690 as well.

Review by Steve Good.


Pre-Order Today, Shipping late June:

Top and Bottom Clamp replacement (No tension lever as there is one at the front of these saws) For DeWalt 788 and Delta 690 Review by Steve Good.


Coming Soon

Bottom Blade Clamp replacement. (Want to change both clamps? Order the Original.) JET JWSS-22 Scroll Saw.  You can also use the Original Clamps from Pegas to change the top and bottom clamps on your JET.  A popular option See Steve's comments in the post on the Original. Review by Steve Good. 

What Customers Say:

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Our 2WAYS2WIN contest courtesy of Bear Woods and The Scroll Saw Workshop
Winner is Rebecca Scott for this entry of a Steve Good Pattern: 

steve good pattern