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Scroll Saw Chuck Heads by Pegas - For Delta & DeWalt Scroll Saws

Average rating:
average rating 99%
25 reviews
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  CAD $105.00
Our Product Code: SS-DWPEGAS-CHUCK
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Blade Chuck Heads Made for Delta 690 & Delta 40-694 & DeWalt 788 Scroll Saws

Set of Upper and Lower Blade Clamps - These new “Blade Chuck Heads” (also known as Scroll Saw Blade Clamps) were developed in Switzerland by Pégas in association with the HEIG engineering school in Yverdon. The studies and the tests demonstrated that the weight of these heads is in direct relation with the service life and the vibrations of the machine.

See Steve Good of the Scroll Saw Workshop's full review, plus detailed assembly instructions.

This replacement parts set includes lower and upper blade clamps compatible with the Dewalt DW788-20 inch scroll saw, and the Delta 40-694-20 inch scroll saw.  Works perfectly for BOTTOM and TOP feeding scrollers.

1) These new heads are slightly lighter than the original Dewalt/Delta Chuck Heads. 

2) Vibration will be greatly reduced

3) Changing Blades is easier and faster

4) Better protection of the mechanical parts of the scroll saw.

5) The assembly of these new Heads is very simple and takes only a few minutes.

Note - The Set Screws and Thumb Screws are wear parts on any blade clamps, and should be replaced every few months or couple of years depending on how much you use your scroll saw - Click here to see our selection of renewal kits.

Blade Chuck Version Comparison Components

Suitable For Which Saws

Reviews and Assembly Instructions

1) SS-PEGAS-CHUCK with Tension Lever
The Original
Top and Bottom Scroll Saw Blade Clamps plus Tension Lever

Suitable for all EXCALIBUR (green, Anniversary and black models), EXCELSIOR, SEYCO ST-21 and KING Scroll Saws.  Lots of people are already loving them for the DeWalt 788 and Delta 690 as well.

Review by Steve Good.


Top and Bottom Clamp replacement (No tension lever as there is one at the front of these saws) For DeWalt 788 and Delta 690 Review by Steve Good.


Bottom Blade Clamp replacement. (Want to change both clamps? Order the Original.) JET JWSS-22 Scroll Saw.  See Steve's comments in the post on the Original. Review by Steve Good. 

Photos are taken from Steve Good's Blog post referenced above.

Average rating:
average rating 99%
25 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

average rating 100%
Significant improvement 2022-03-15
By Don
Appreciate the prompt processing & delivery of my order.
Scroll saw chucks are a significant improvement over the OEM, both in terms of vibration and ability to securely hold blades.
Wheels & axles are good, although took me a while to find the appropriate drill bit to match the axles - settled on 7/32" and sometimes 13/64" although neither is quite right - didn't seem metric worked well either.
Haven't used the turnbuttons or screw eyes yet but I'm sure they will be just fine - good prices I might add.
average rating 100%
Impressive! 2024-01-09
By Penny Ramsay
I purchased the Pegas Chuck head for my Dewalt scroll saw and I am very impressed with several aspects of it. First off, the ease of replacing my original chuck head with the new one was incredibly straightforward and simple. There was a very noticeable difference in the tension in my blades which makes for a better cut. Finally the vibration I was experiencing is almost gone.All in all I am very happy with this item and highly recommend it to others.
average rating 100%
Exactly what I needed! 2020-07-31
By Shelli Nixon
I can’t rave enough about the Pegus clamp replacement for my dewalt scroll saw! I struggled with slippage and was so frustrated and I knew I wanted the Pegus replacements and I’m so happy I got them! I was skeptical of the claims of better performance and less vibration but yeah, it totally feels like I went from a worn out hard shifting neon to a smooth Cadillac! Highly highly recommend!!!
average rating 100%
Very happy with Bear Woods 2023-01-18
By Joe Verhulst
My only gripe was the shipping, promised 2 days, albeit, it was ordered just before a holiday and Canada post shut down for aprlonger break so it took better than 2 weeksto arrive.....Canada post is natoriously slow at best....so Bearwoods may want to rethink using the PO.
Overall Bear Woods are excellent people to deal with.
average rating 100%
customer care 2018-07-11
By michel marcoux
I ordered scrollsaw head chuck for Dewalt 788.
arrived rapidely but I ordered wrong item. sent e-mail to wooparts and promptly had answer. Just had to pay for return cost and they took back unused item in the original packing.
Was very easy and satifying experience.
Will do business again .
average rating 100%
Very Happy Customer 2020-03-10
By Robert Johnson
I have only hade these heads for a short time.
Found them easy to install and they cut down the vibration tremendously.
Makes cutting fine details so much easier.
I would recommend these heads to anyone that does a lot of stroll sawing professionally or as a hobby.
average rating 100%
Excellent 2023-10-23
By Ron Estabrook
The stock heads on my Dewalt saw were wearing out. I have been a customer for quite some time now and have read good reviews on the Pegas products so I thought I would give the replacement heads a try. They are a fantastic upgrade to the saw and I highly recommend them.
average rating 80%
Pegas Scrollsaw Chuck Heads 2019-01-28
By Ken Zorn
Shipping was fast. Installing the chuck heads on DeWalt 788 was relatively easy except one of the chuck heads needed a small amount of sanding to allow the bearing sleeve to go all the way through. Appears to have decreased the vibration slightly.
average rating 100%
excellent 2020-06-14
By Dennis Slote
I have my order and I put it on my scrollsaw and it works fine so far. But I would like to order more ( Quick clamp renewal kits.)I only need the clamp part not the whole thing. I would like a price on them also Please reply Thankyou
average rating 100%
Significant improvement 2023-02-04
By Jeff Chisholm
I installed these chuck heads on my DeWalt scroll saw and was immediately impressed by the reduced noise and vibration. These blade clamps have not slipped once since I installed them. Installation was straight forward and simple.
average rating 100%
Happy with order 2024-07-03
By David Larsen
I was happy that the ordered scroll saw parts came so quickly. I have done some scrolling since I installed the parts and so far I am very impressed with the quality and how easily the blades can be mounted.
average rating 100%
Extremely happy with speedy delivery and high quality parts 2021-12-26
By Michael T Peterson
The new chuck heads are perfect. Went on like a dream and was a fantastic upgrade to the stock ones. The deadman switch works fantastic I love the fact that I can walk away and not have to worry about it.
average rating 100%
Nice improvement 2024-01-11
By Pierre Garceau
The threads for the knobs on the original top head on my Dewalt stripped out so after reading so many good reviews on the Pegas heads, I decided to try them. Fast delivery and so far, they're very good.
average rating 100%
Awesome! 2020-08-03
By Angela
At first I was not sure that this chuck head was going to be any better than the factory one from Dewalt however, since replacing it I have not had a blade slip. I am very happy I made the switch!
average rating 100%
Happy as expected 2022-12-11
By Patrick Shea
Pegas blade clamps completely changed my Dewalt Saw's performance. I have used Pegas blades for several years and will continue. My only disappointment was that supply chain issues continue.
average rating 100%
Happy with purchase 2023-03-05
By Charles Scott
Received the Pegas chucks quickly. I was a bit apprehensive about the install at first but once I got into it all was good. I think my sawing accuracy has improved which is what the goal was.
average rating 100%
By James Blackwell
Received the ScrollSaw chuck heads by Pegas and they are great. Quieted my machine down a bit but much easier to insert the scroll saw blades.
Glad I read the reviews on these.
average rating 100%
happy customer 2022-07-03
By Robert Smith
Was not long in shipping ,Got here great shape !
Was more than happy with the product.

Thank You for the sample of Odie's Oil , haven't tried it yet but can't wait to!
average rating 100%
Happy Customer 2022-12-18
By Jake Knudslien
Although I have not had an opportunity to use the items yet, I was pleased with the quick shipment and ease of ordering on the site.
average rating 100%
pegas chucks 2018-08-01
By Charles Salter
Chuck heads were great easily installed by an 89 year old made a huge difference on an older model 20 years dewalt saw
average rating 100%
Happy Customer 2020-06-29
By Melissa Thompson
The Pegas chuck heads are super easy to install and it has been working great so far! Very happy I got it :)
average rating 100%
great quality 2021-12-27
By arthur green
they would have been great to have but didn't fit my saw which will not hold blades.
average rating 100%
Happy 2022-01-11
By John Smythe
Appear to be as described. Have not used extensively so far.
average rating 100%
Nice upgrade 2020-05-26
By Devon Martin
Much better than the stock blade chucks. Fast shipping.
average rating 100%
Very happy customer 2023-03-08
By Connie Beetham
Very helpful and fast shipping everytime.
How to Use

Thanks to Miter Mike - Michael Anthony Murray for this great install video.

Thanks to Cass from Stone Mill and Co - for this great install video.

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