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Pegas Scroll Saw 21 Inch North America

Upgrade Your Existing Scroll Saw or Purchase a New Scroll Saw From Pegas

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Check out this live testimonial from the Artistry in Wood Show, Ohio 2019.
We also have the detailed review by Steve Good of Scrollsaw Workshop
You will see other reviews by clicking on the saw below.

Improve your scroll saw experience with these blade clamps, inspection lamps, and foot switches.  Or upgrade your scroll saw to the incomparable 21" Pegas Scroll Saw, which features the game-changing blade clamps, and enhancements from our Swiss engineers to improve the saw and reduce vibrations.

Here's a bit more detail: While it’s made in the same factory in Taiwan where the Excalibur scroll saw used to be made, Pegas has added Swiss precision and engineering to their scroll saw. Let’s start with a beefed up chassis featuring a reinforced web in the connecting rod and vertical rocker and needle bearings pressed into the rocker arm as opposed to a sleeve and bolt connection that is prone to wear and failure.

  • pegas-scroll-21-inch-previeww
    Pegas 21" Scroll Saw
    Average rating:
    average rating 98%
    CAD $1,240.00
    Our Part Number: PEGAS-21-Scroll-Saw
    Click for Details
  • Stand for Pegas Scroll Saws
    Stand for Pegas Scroll Saw 21 Inch
    Average rating:
    average rating 100%
    CAD $134.00
    Our Part Number: PEGAS-21-STAND
    Click for Details
  • pegas-scroll-30-inch
    Pegas 30" Scroll Saw CAD $1,830.00
    Our Part Number: PEGAS-30-Scroll-Saw
    Click for Details
  • stand
    Stand for Pegas Scroll Saw 30 Inch CAD $174.00
    Our Part Number: PEGAS-30-STAND
    Click for Details
  • Deadman switch for scroll saws and machines
    Foot Switch - Deadman Style
    Average rating:
    average rating 100%
    CAD $46.00
    Our Part Number: PEGAS-FOOTSWITCH
    Click for Details
  • Pegas Scroll Saw Table Large
    Large Table for Pegas Scroll Saws CAD $205.40
    Our Part Number: PEGAS-TABLE-LG
    Click for Details
  • Inspection Lamp
    Inspection Lamp CAD $107.10
    Our Part Number: WT-41
    Click for Details
  • LED Inspection Lamp
    LED Inspection and Magnification Lamp CAD $183.75
    Our Part Number: WT-LED
    Click for Details

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