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Brass Plated Cup Hooks, Shoulder Hooks + Screw Eye Hooks

Low Prices on many sizes of cup hooks and brass-plated shoulder hooks - compare to your local retail store and save!

Guide to our stock of screw eyes / screw eye hooks

Stock No. Finish Hole Diameter Total Length Thread Length Wire Diameter
SE-29 Zinc 3mm 11mm 5mm 1.2mm
SE-29B Brass 3mm 11mm 5mm 1.2mm
SE-31 Zinc 3.5mm 13mm 6mm 1.6mm
SE-33 Zinc 4mm 16mm 7mm 1.6mm
SE-35 Zinc 4mm 14mm 7mm 1.8mm
SE-39 Zinc 4mm 21mm 10mm 2mm
SE-41 Zinc 5mm 19mm 6mm 2.2mm
SE-43 Zinc 5mm 20mm 6mm 2.5mm
SE-45 Zinc 5mm 25mm 10mm 2.5mm
SE-49 Zinc 6mm 25mm 12mm 3.3mm
SE-51 Zinc 6mm 39mm 16mm 3.3mm
SE-53 Zinc 6mm 30mm 16mm 4mm
SE-55 Zinc 7mm 35mm 16mm 7mm

Buy cup hooks and shoulder hooks | Bear Woods Supply

Shopping Tips:

1) All prices are Per 100 Screw Eye Hooks, Cup Hooks or Shoulder Hooks.

2) Refer to the chart for details on each screw eye.

3) Order more to save more - pricing as listed below based on quantity.

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