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Wall Clock Mounting Kits

Our Mounting Cups Make it easy to use a bare wall to make a fantastic clock. Add numbers, sayings or more - great opportunities!

Choose a Mounting Cup based on your preferred battery powered clock movement - C-Cell (larger) or AA-Cell

Shopping Tips for Wall Clock Kits

1) Choose your movement.  We recommend the shortest clock shaft.  AA powered: Q-65 (Step Motion High Torque) , Q-66 (Sweep Motion High Torque) OR C cell powered: Q-20 (Step Motion High Torque) or Q-67 (Sweep Motion High Torque)

2) Choose a Mounting Cup based on your clock movement.

3) Choose hands based on the diameter of your clock.  How? Take your desired clock face diameter and divide by 2, then subtract the height of your numbers. 

Example: A 42" Clock Face will usually have 4" Tall Numbers.  42 divided by 2 is 21.  21 minus 4 is 17.  So clock hands in the 17 or 18" range will sit nicely with your numbers. 

Example: A 24 inch Clock Face will usually have 2 inch tall numbers.  24 divided by 2 is 12.  12 minus 2 is 10.  So choose 10 inch clock hands.

Vinyl Numbers - Contact Us to request a quote on vinyl numbers or Roman Numerals.  Or check back in a few days for new product listings.

* Quantity Pricing Available. Follow link for details.

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