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Woodworking Plans for Wooden Game Boards

Shop this selection of Downloadable Game Board Plans by master woodworker Phil Barley.

Game Board Patterns Shopping Tips: 

1) All Barely Harvest Plans Game board (BHP-11, BHP 17 etc) Patterns are provided as instant download and you print at home.  Scroll below for more info.  We also carry printed game board plans by "Vintage". Click here for the selection of printed plans we can mail to you.

2) This page features letter size printing of plans.  Choose either a) Letter Size Plans you print at home (lower cost but you have to use transfer paper for full size templates) or b) For our selection of Autocad/Full Size Plans click here.

3) We have a $15 minimum purchase for all items, including woodworking patterns.  Options - Donate to one of our charitable causes as part of your purchase (click here to learn more), or add items to your cart to bump over the minimum.

Instant Download of Woodworking Patterns - choose from categories below.

Download your plans as soon as you complete your order - Click the Download button on the Thank You Page, PLUS you will receive an email confirmation from us after you pay - the name of the plan(s) you paid for will be links to download the woodworking plans.

Learn More about Downloading Woodworking Plans

  • Woodworking Furniture Plans
    Crokinole Board Game Downloadable Plan CAD $4.46
    Our Part Number: BHP-11
  • Woodworking Furniture Plans
    Pinball Game Downloadable Plan CAD $5.09
    Our Part Number: BHP-17
  • Woodworking Furniture Plans
    Bagatelle Board Game Downloadable Plan CAD $5.59
    Our Part Number: BHP-29
  • Woodworking Furniture Plans
    Racketeer Game Downloadable Plan CAD $5.59
    Our Part Number: BHP-08

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