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Pegas Scroll BandSaw Banner

Bandsaw by Pegas - The Scroll Band Saw - 14 Inch:
Cast Iron Stand and first 2 scroll bandsaw blades included.

The Bandsaw will ship to you by freight, including a liftgate service at your residence.  The freight cost is INCLUDED in the price ($330CDN).
So just pay one price and we will get your bandsaw to you within a few days.

Scroll down for LOTS more videos of this great product in action!

The Pégas® Scroll Bandsaw is a precision machine using Pégas® Scroll Bandsaw blades, the finest and most accurate blades ever produced.

This unique and innovative concept is intended for informed users, from hobbyists to skilled professionals.
This Quality Bandsaw is developed in Switzerland - made in Taiwan to Pegas specifications and quality requirements.



The Pégas® guiding system is required whilst using Pégas® scroll band saw blades. The blade will be guided accurately for high-performance, sustainable sawing results.   
The top and bottom guides consist of a CNC-machined aluminium block and a special ball-bearing guide, featuring grooves along which the blade is guided above and beneath the table. Such high-precision guiding allows for the sawing of very complex shapes, curves and radiuses. 
The ball-bearings delivered with the machine feature two grooves of different dimensions, one being appropriate for blade #9, and the other for blade #12.

Expand your woodworking prowess with bigger and smaller blades.  Other ball-bearings are offered optionally for optimal guiding of the various Pégas® Scroll Band saw blades are available here.

Demonstration Videos:

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