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Shop The Hottest Rotary Tools
Start Carving, Detailing And Finishing.

The best quality, durability and supplies to equip these versatile tools are all here at Bear Woods Supply.

Our wildly popular rotary tool will outperform the competition in a woodworker's shop. And our bits, burs and sanding discs/sleeves are top quality. Get industrial quality rotary tools and accessories at affordable prices today.

The lightweight handpiece of the rotary tool means carving, sanding and detailing is effortless.

Check out a Video the Rotary Tool in action featuring Lizzy from The House of Timber in Instagram Want assistance with your rotary tool?

Can't figure something out, make sure to check our Rotary Tool FAQ Page

  • Marathon Rotary Tool
    Marathon High-Speed Rotary Tool - 35,000 RPM
    Average rating:
    average rating 100%
    CAD $257.00
    Our Part Number: MM-1
  • rotary-kit-2
    Marathon Rotary Tool with Kutzall Burrs CAD $294.47
    Our Part Number: RT-KIT-1
  • Rotary Tool and Accessory Kit Bear Woods
    Rotary Tool & Accessory Kit
    Average rating:
    average rating 100%
    CAD $390.00
    Our Part Number: MM-KIT
  • Brushless-micromotor
    Pegas Brushless High-Speed Rotary Tool CAD $1,295.00
    Our Part Number: MM-20
  • micromotor-tip
    Micromotor Hand Piece CAD $138.60
    Our Part Number: MM-08
  • carving pack assembled by professionals
    Rotary Tool 144 Piece Pack - Detail and Finish CAD $78.75
    Our Part Number: SS-PACK-2
  • Rotary tool accessory kit Canada
    Rotary Tool Accessories Kit CAD $128.95
    Our Part Number: MM-02
  • Starter, Kit, Carving, Shank, Ball, Square, Rotary, Tool
    Rotary Tool Carving Starter Pack CAD $34.13
    Our Part Number: MM-11
  • pack-5-preview
    Glass Engraving Starter Kit CAD $315.00
    Our Part Number: MM-ENGRAVE-KIT