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The best quality, durability and supplies to equip these versatile tools are all here at Bear Woods Supply.

We are featuring newer tools that you want in your workshop.
If you have a bandsaw already, check out what the Pegas Bandsaw can do - tighter turns, thinner kerf, and quicker cuts.
Truly genious engineering.  

The Pegas Scroll Saw is a hot seller too! With very low vibration thanks to updated engineering and with the highly renowned blade clamps already included, this saw is going to make scrolling easier and more fun!

The lightweight handpiece of the rotary tool means carving, sanding and detailing is effortless.

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  • Micromotor Hand piece
    Micromotor Hand Piece CAD $138.60
    Our Part Number: MM-08
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  • Pegas Rotary Tool with handpiece and foot pedal
    Marathon High-Speed Rotary Tool - 35,000 RPM CAD $245.00
    Our Part Number: MM-1
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  • Brushless-micromotor
    Pegas Brushless High-Speed Rotary Tool CAD $1,295.00
    Our Part Number: MM-20
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  • Pegas Bandsaw
    Band Saw by Pegas of Switzerland. 14" Band Saw (Includes Shipping)
    Average rating:
    average rating 80%
    CAD $2,375.00
    Our Part Number: PEGAS-14-Bandsaw
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  • Pegas Scroll Saw 21 Inch
    The Pegas Scroll Saw, 21"
    Average rating:
    average rating 100%
    CAD $1,075.00
    Our Part Number: PEGAS-21-Scroll-Saw
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