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Rotary Tool 144 Piece Pack - Detail and Finish

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  CAD $78.75
Our Product Code: SS-PACK-2
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With this pack you will take your Carving game to the next level, wherever you are starting from.

Packed with fantastic value and guaranteed high-quality supplies.
We bring you industrial-grade supplies that are easy to use and quick to learn.


Due to manufacturing availability one or two items may be substituted for a similar item at the time of shipment. If you require a specific size please let us know ahead of time. We hope to have stock shortages remedied soon. Thank you for understanding.


Carving and Finishing Pack for Rotary Tools - 144 Pieces! What's Included?


- Abrasive Bands and an easy mandrel to use with them. 2 Grits - Fine and coarse - industrial quality - long lasting and won't fall apart easily.
The mandrel is easy to use! Just unscrew the end to reduce tension and slide the band on or off. Then re-tighten

- 3M Bristle Discs - use a single or stack them to clean off the edges of your pieces! Coarse grit for sanding and fine grit for polishing (Plus a mandrel!)

- Sanding Discs - high-quality sanding discs with an easy to use mandrel. Just pinch the mandrel and the discs pop off.
Medium and Fine Grit Discs included, packs of 25.


- 8 Panther High-Speed Steel Bits are industrial quality, and well priced! See list of included bits below.


- Cone Square Cross-Cut - Clean out tight spots and create pierced-through sections with this cone shaped bit.

- Cylinder Square Cross-Cut - Unlike many other small cutters, the cross-cut pattern on this cylinder-shaped bit cuts cleanly without clogging in hard and softwoods.
This small bur gets into tight areas.

- Ball Shaped Bur - Great for hollowing out areas!

- Inverted Cone Bur - Create hair-like textures  with this high-quality, German made steel cutter.

- Small Bud Shaped Bur - Carve V-shaped grooves and clean up surfaces

- Bud Shaped Bur

- Knife Edge Cutter - cuts with precision - so many possibilities!


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How to Use
Awesome demo video of the abrasives from Patrick at Painted Patch. Find him on Facebook or Instagram for amazing inspiration!
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