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Canada's Choice for Wooden Dowel Pins - Fluted (multi-grooved) and Spiral Groove

Made in the USA - Fluted dowel pins in fractional sizes are made of Birch.  Metric sized wooden dowel pins are made of Beech.

Shop our great selection of multi-groove (fluted) dowel pins. Sold by bags of 100 or in bulk.  Kiln-dried to 6 - 8% moisture.   Diameter tolerance +/- .005"

FRACTIONAL Sized Fluted Dowel Pins: From 1-1/4" X 1" up to 1/2" X 5"

METRIC SIZED Fluted Wood Dowel Pins: From 6 mm X 30 mm to 8 mm X 50 mm

PRE-GLUED Fluted Metric Sized Dowel Pins From 6 x 30 mm to 8 x 50 mm in stock, plus many options by special order.

Plus a complete range of Spiral Groove dowel pins are available by special order.

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