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Hand carving tools

Hand Tools and Supplies for Wood Carving, Detailing, and Finishing

Shop our selection of USA Made Carving Tools by Flexcut. Fantastic quality and pricing, guaranteed.

Fantastic Service, Highest Quality, And Fair Prices - you can count on Bear Woods for those three most important values.

Learning to Carve or Looking to Advance - Try a Pack Recommended by Pros!

  • preview-book-1-chess
    Woodcarving a Christmas Chess Set Book CAD $15.75
    Our Part Number: XMAS-CHESS-SET
  • preview-book-gnomes-1
    Learn to Carve Gnomes, Trolls, and Mythical Creatures Book CAD $19.70
    Our Part Number: LEARN-TO-CARVE
  • Sharpening and honing kit for carving tools
    Carving Tools Sharpening Pack CAD $72.50
    Our Part Number: HC-PACK-1
  • Flex Cut knife Sheath
    Knife Sheath CAD $25.95
    Our Part Number: FC-X02
  • Flexcut, number 1
    Single Bevel Chisel #1 5/8" CAD $28.55
    Our Part Number: FC-01-58
  • Flexcut 90 degree hand carver
    Palm V Tool 90 Degree 5/8" CAD $33.75
    Our Part Number: FC-90-58
  • flexcut carving tool, 70 degree
    Palm V Tool 70 Degree 3/8" CAD $32.45
    Our Part Number: FC-70-38
  • Flexcut carver tool, FC-08-38
    Palm Gouge #8 3/8" CAD $31.15
    Our Part Number: FC-08-38
  • Flexcut carver tool, FC-09-916
    Palm Gouge #9 9/16" CAD $32.45
    Our Part Number: FC-09-916
  • Flex Cut Palm tool - FC-45-01M micro
    Micro Palm V Tool CAD $33.75
    Our Part Number: FC-45-01M
  • 52.250
    6-PC Set of Wood Carving Tools CAD $108.25
    Our Part Number: WT-27
  • Sharp Pointed Tweezers, Medium Pointed Tweezers
    Tweezers - Sharp & Medium Pointed
    Average rating:
    average rating 100%

    Our Part Number: WT-TWE
    Sharp Pointed Tweezers CAD $8.95 Medium-Sharp Pointed Tweezers CAD $10.35

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