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Picture Hanging Kits - All you need to get started!

Plus Great Value Packs of our Quality Picture Hanging Hardware. Shop Bear Woods Canada for wall hooks to hang pictures on the wall, and hangers for the back of your artwork and pictures.

Shop Bear Woods for Easy Solutions to Hang Pictures and Frames.

  • BHK-W-small-package
    Hangman Picture hanging kit 45 piece with Bear Claw Hangers CAD $14.35 CAD $12.90
    Our Part Number: HM-BHK-W
  • hanging-kit-2
    Wire Hanging Kit for 5 Pictures (up to 25 lbs) CAD $12.05
    Our Part Number: hanging-kit-25
  • Wire Hanging Kit
    Wire Hanging Kit for 5 Pictures (up to 43 lbs) CAD $12.05
    Our Part Number: hanging-kit-43
  • HP-139-25-pack
    D-Ring Wire Hangers Brass Plated (25 Pack)
    Our Part Number: HP-139-25
  • HP-141-25-pack
    Strap Hangers Narrow (25 Pack)
    Our Part Number: HP-141-25
  • HP-143-25-pack
    Strap Narrow Hangers 2 Hole (25 Pack)
    Our Part Number: HP-143-25