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Quality USA Made Chime Clock Movements, and Pendulum movements

Plus Combined Pendulum & Chime Clock Parts - Use to make new clocks or as replacement clock parts.

How to choose clock motors and hands for replacement

Scroll down to choose clock motors by type - C-Cell, AA-Cell, Pendulum, Chime, Pendulum + Chime, High Torque. Make a Pendulum  or Westminster Chime Clock this year! Great projects to work on any time. Pendulum and chime clocks are fine additions to any home.

Our thanks to Steve Good of Scroll Saw Workshop for this video.  The pattern for this modern Pendulum and Chime Clock can be found on the July 2nd Blog Entry. This video shows the pendulum action, plus let's you hear the sound of one of the styles of clock chime.

First Choose your Clock Motor based on the tips below and diagram above ⇓ Then scroll down and click on a product to read details and then scroll down for hands that work with chosen motor. ⇓



What is the difference between high torque and standard quartz clock movements?

1) High Torque Clock Motors are more powerful - made specifically to handle the extra weight of longer clock hands up to 18" in length. This means you can make a clock with a clock face/dial that is 42" wide or even greater! Comparatively, standard movements run clock hands up to 4.5 inches long.  High Torque pendulum motors/drives are made to swing up to a 25" Pendulum.

2) Hands for High Torque motors sold separately.  Choice of over 100 styles of hands under 5" with 28 free options.

What are the different types of pendulum and chime movements? 

1) Chiming Movements with built in speakers.  See details below. Available in both standard and high torque.  C-Cell Batteries.

2) Pendulum Clock Movements.   High power / high torque versions run up to 25" rods.  Standard pendulums drive up to 16" rods.  Rods plus bobs sets sold separately.  Rods have 1" breakpoints.  AA and C-Cell Batteries

3) Chime + Pendulum Motors.  Except for the high power pendulum drive, the pendulum is not powered by the battery and doesn't have to be used.

How do I choose the right size clock motor & hands? 

1) Refer to the figure at the top of this page, or Click Here for helpful info (a new window or tab will open)  

2) The size of hands is based on the length of the minute hand from the mounting hole to the end of the minute hand. (Figures 3 & 4 above) Most can be slightly trimmed if need be, and they are all USA made of aluminum.  Our customers also spray paint them.

3) Our clock motors are sized by the thickness of the dial the movements can go through.  EG Q-24 below will go through up to 1/4" thick material.  If your material is too thick, consider removing some to in-set the clock.  Or if your clock face material is too thin, consider adding some material behind the face so the hands will sit closer to your clock face.

What's included?

Listed price for standard power motors includes the mounting hardware for your clock. (Washer, Nut and Open Nut to hold on your minute hand.)  || High Torque Motors include Washer, Nut and Closed Brass End Cap.  Note: Built in hangers as found on standard power clock movements are not recommended due to the weight of the clocks you will build. We recommend checking out  our selection of Picture Hanging Hardware  

Prices for clock hands includes a minute and hour hand. Regular power motors - choose a free set or premium set of hands. All second hands are sold separately.

Pendulum Rod and Bob sold Separately - when you are looking at the motor scroll down to see the options that work with that specific motor and add to cart if you wish.

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