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Shop Clock Hands for Making or Repairing Clocks

Quality Clock Hands Range From 1-5/16" Up To 18" Long - USA Made. Sorted from largest to smallest below. Looking for the selection of free clock hands to go with your standard movements? Click here

    How to choose clock motors and hands for replacement

Clock Making & Repair Parts - Motors & Hands Sold Separately

Step 1)  Select Clock Hands based on the steps in the diagram above or tips just below.

⇓ Scroll Down to Shop for Clock Hands Sorted By Size, from Largest to Smallest ⇓

Step 2) After Clicking on a set of Clock Hands, Scroll Down Motors - When repairing a clock we always recommend new hands as your old ones may not fit.


» Option: Click Here to Choose Clock Motor First



What is the difference between high torque and standard quartz clock movements and the hands that go with them?

High Torque Clock Motors are more powerful - made specifically to handle the extra weight of longer clock hands up to 18" in length so you can make a clock with a clock face/dial that is 42" wide or even greater!

Comparatively, standard quartz movements run clock hands up to 4.5 inches long.

What are the different types of clock movements? Click a Type To Quickly Jump to the Motors

1) USA Made Step Style by Takane(AA batteries) These movements will make a slight stepping sound.  Available in High Torque for Large Hands, and Standard for Hands under 5".

2) Continuous Sweep Clock Movements operate virtually silently with a sweeping second-hand motion.  Available in High Torque for Large Hands, and Standard for Hands under 5".

3) Pendulum, Chiming, Pendulum + Chime Movements in AA Cell or C Cell options.  Available in High Torque for Large Hands, and Standard for Hands under 5".    

How do I choose the right size clock hands? 

1) Refer to the figure/video at the top of this page, or Click Here for helpful info (a new window or tab will open)  

2) The size of the hands is based on the length of the minute hand from the mounting hole to the end of the minute hand. (Figures 3 & 4 above) Most can be slightly trimmed if need be, and they are all USA made of aluminum.  Our customers also spray paint them.

3) A general rule of thumb in choosing the right size clock hands is to choose a set of hands where the minute hand is roughly 1/2 the diameter of the ring created by the numbers on the clock face. For example, if the diameter of an imaginary circle to the bottom of the numbers on your clock face is 4-1/4 inches long then choose a set of clock hands with a minute hand about 2-1/8 inch long.

What's included?

Under 5" - We offer 28 options that are available free with the purchase of a standard/mini clock movement.  And another 100+ options that are for purchase.  Extra sets are $1.90 or less. Second hands are available for purchase separately.  Second hands will be found by size along with the hour/minute handsets.

5 to 18 inches - Hour and Minute Hands.  An optional 10" Sweep Second hand is available and only works with a High Torque Continuous Sweep Motor.

What Customers Say:

Shop below for clock hands - starting with those to make larger clocks, and followed by replacement clock hands to go with our standard quartz motors.

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* Quantity Pricing Available. Follow link for details.
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