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Create Larger Clocks with High Torque Clock Movements and Longer Clock Hands up to 17-3/4"

Plus Continuous Sweep (Silent) High Torque Movements

High Torque Clock Movements | Bear Woods Supply

Shop here for Clock Motors plus the Longer Clock Hands for your High Torque Movements - up to 17-3/4" long.

You will enjoy years of trouble free operation with these quality USA Made High Torque Movements.

Clock Parts Shopping Tips

Step 1:Choose a Movement and Hands (sold separately) from the options below.

Step 2) Choose your clock hands.  Most can be slightly trimmed if need be, and they are all USA made of aluminum.  Our customers also spray paint them.  Hands are extra, charged per set.

FAQ What is the difference between high torque and standard clock movements? High Torque Clock Motors are more powerful - made specifically to handle the extra weight of longer clock hands up to 17.75" in length.  This means you can make a clock with a clock face/dial that is 36" wide or even greater!  Comparatively, standard movements run clock hands up to 5 inches long.

What are the different types of high torque movements?

a) Bear Woods' bestsellers are Step Style High Torque Movements (Q-64 and Q-65 below.) These movements will make a stepping sound, but do not drive a second hand.  (See below for pro tips about making your selection)

b) Also popular are Continuous Sweep Clock Movements with High Torque - they will drive the longer hands and operate silently.  They can also drive our balanced sweep second hands (see below in red or black, 10 inches long).  There are Sweep movements for AA and C Cell batteries.  The C Cell will simply last longer.

c)  High Torque Pendulum Movements in AA Cell or C Cell options.  With this option you can drive the longer hands as well as a pendulum up to 25" long.

Our Price includes the mounting hardware for your clock.  If you need a hanging bracket (as on the standard quartz movements), please let us know so we can send you one.

Our thanks for the photo goes to The Paint Place, Fort Saint John, BC where they run frequent classes that teach painting and clock-making.  (We welcome your photos too!)  How did they do it? Check out our blog post!

What Customers Say:

PRO TIPS - Making Larger Clocks

How to choose clock hands: A general rule of thumb in choosing the right size clock hands is to choose a set of hands where the minute hand is roughly 1/2 the diameter of the ring created by the numbers on the clock face.

For example if the diameter of an imaginary circle to the bottom of the numbers on your clock face is 20 inches long than choose a set of clock hands with a minute hand about 10 inches long.

How to choose the right length of clock shaft: The measurements of our products are based on how thick of material they can go through, leaving then enough space for the hands to sit on the clock shaft.  So if your material is 1/2" thick, you will want to choose a clock movement that is noted as for 1/2" thick or greater dial face.  The title of each product below will tell you the dial face thickness they are designed for.

Working with your materials. If your material is too thin consider adding a backing between the face and the movement.  If too thick, consider a router to remove some material.

* Quantity Pricing Available. Follow link for details.

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