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How to choose clock parts

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Shop For Top Quality Clock Movements
Choose From Over 100 Clock Inserts
Buy Clock Hands Up To 18" Long

Make or Repair Clocks with Premium Clock Parts from Bear Woods Canada. Over 150 Sizes and Styles of Clock Inserts. Unbeatable Quality and Prices. Most are USA Made. Dozens of types of clock motors. Over 150 Sizes and Styles of Clock Hands

Complete Your DIY Project With Our Pendulum Clock Mechanisms, Westminster Chime Clockworks, Clock Inserts and Weather Instruments. We also have a wide selection of Clock Dials and Clock Hands.

Low prices - whether you need 1 replacement clock motor or 100 sets of clock movements and hands. Join thousands who trust us for quality clock parts each month -- See reviews product by product as you shop. We love serving schools, small and medium-sized businesses - all customers are welcome!
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Clock Parts
Selection & Shopping Tips

clock parts information

When choosing Clock Parts, be sure to "Click for Details" to Learn Key Measurements for the Item.  Then scroll down the page to see complementary items.When repairing a clock we always recommend new hands as your old ones may not fit.
Know your Dimensions: How long does the clock shaft need to be?  How long of hands do you want?  What is the mounting hole diameter for your clock insert?  Click Here for Step by Step instructions, diagrams and videos to help you choose the perfect parts to make a new clock or repair an old one.