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Scroll Saw Blades, Saws and Accessories - Choose Scroll Saw Blades
Swiss-Manufactured by Pegas or German-Manufactured by Niqua

Buying Better Scroll Saw Blades Saves You Money - And Makes Scrolling More Fun!Shop in Canada with Bear Woods!

Scroll Saw Blades by Niqua (identical to the other German Made blade) and Swiss Made Pegas Blades are sold in dozens, by the gross (144) and in Sample Packs. Shop Small Business and Shop Bear Woods - the USA's leader in scroll saw supplies.

Most Common Question - What Blades Do You Recommend? If you are a beginner, the go to blades are either Pegas Modified Geometry or Niqua Ultra Reverse. Start with a sample pack of a few sizes. (Smaller Numbers are smaller scroll saw blades for thinner wood). We have a selection chart below to that is helpful. You can even choose an Explore Pack of Scroll Saw Blades that includes our most popular styles from both brands. Note - we also encourage people to try spiral blades. You'll get mixed opinions on them, but we know many scrollers who wouldn't do without! Shop Scroll Saw Blades below by Brand, By Type or By Sample Packs. Happy Scrolling.

  • Pegas Blade Highlights

    All Pegas Blades are made with perfect heat treatment and precise teeth formation. This ensures a great results for every cut you make.
    1) Perfectly set teeth to ensure accurate cutting and a clean, smooth finish,
    2) Precision stamped, tooth by tooth for straight cuts,
    3) Perfect heat treatment means they are hard yet not fragile,
    4) Stay sharp longer and last longer,
    5) Quieter with less vibration or burning.

  • Niqua Blade Highlights

    Niqua Highlights come from the experience of make jewelers equipment. 
    1)Spiral Blades with Flat Ends for easier install, 
    2)The wildly popular ULTRA Reverse that features a fast cut with every third tooth reversed for quick, clean cutting.
    3) Top quality with precision heat treatment for durability and cutting control.

  • Learn what makes a better Blade

    Scroll saw blades teeth are perfectly and equally set (right & left) which enables the blade to cut straight.  If this setting is not properly mastered, the blade deviates. This is what happens with most of our competitors' saw blades. The user has to compensate for the deviation by holding the sawed item at a certain angle. This way of sawing is unnatural and the result cannot be compared to an item sawed with a Pegas®  or Niqua® saw blade.

    Scroll Saw Blades Testimonial Steve Good Scrollsaw Workshop     Compare Scroll Saw Blades for the best quality | Bear Woods Supply
  • Steve Good's Blade Selection Tips

    Let me take just a minute to talk about which scroll saw blades I use. There are so many choices of blades that it gets very confusing for new scrollers. I get emails about this subject every week. Let me start out by talking about what I use. I would guess that 98% of everything I cut is cut with either a #3 or #5 scroll reverse blade. I have every style of blade sold but most are only there for specialty jobs. Most of my patterns call for 1/4" to 3/4" wood. I almost never select a blade based on the thickness of the wood. If I am cutting 1" wood but the pattern needs a small #3 blade then that is what I use. I may not be able to cut as fast with that smaller blade but that is not my concern. My concern is getting a quality cut with sharp corners and accuracy. If you are new then a small selection of blades is all you need to get started. A #3, #5, and a few #7's will get you well on your way. Honestly, it is possible that those are the only blades you will ever need. If you start cutting portrait-style patterns then you can pick up some spiral blades. If you cut very thick and dense wood, plastic, metal, or other specialty material then you can research the best blades for those projects. I have a whole selection of metal cutting scroll saw blades but I may only cut metal every year or two. If I were not writing this blog I probably would not keep any of the specialty blades on hand. I would just order them as needed. So, when you look at all the choices of scroll saw blades don't be too concerned. Just buy a small selection of blades like the ones I mentioned above and start cutting. Over time you will get to know which blades are the most useful for the type of projects you cut.

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