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Metal Cutting Scroll Saw Blades from Pegas

5" Plain End

These are high quality 5" blades for precise cutting of thin metals up to .125˝ (3 mm) thick and for other hard, nonmetallic materials. They are specifically heat treated to give maximum performance with power scroll saws. Can be used in hand frames also.From Pegas of Switzerland, who are makers of Jewelers Saw Blades and Specialist at Miniature Saws

Specially designed and heat treated to perform on ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Allows very fine and precise cuts. 

Excellent for: Ferous and Non-Ferous Metals

Metal Cutting Our SKU Industry Standard Size # Scroll Saw Blade Thickness Blade Width Teeth Per Inch Suitability for 
ferrous metals
Suitability for non-ferrous metals
SSB-90540 3/0 .0094" 0.019" 59 Yes Yes
SSB-90541 2/0 .001" .021" 56 Yes Yes
SSB-90542 0 .011" .023" 52 Yes Yes
SSB-90543 1 .012" .025" 48 Yes Yes
SSB-90544 2 .013" .027" 45 Yes Yes
SSB-90545 3 .014" .029" 40 Yes Yes
SSB-90546 4 .015" .031" 38 Yes Yes
SSB-90547 5 .016" .033" 35 Yes Yes
SSB-90548 6 .017" .037" 34 Yes Yes
SSB-90549 8 .020" .045" 28 Yes Yes

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Blade Clamps from Pegas
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* Quantity Pricing Available. Follow link for details.

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Our 2WAYS2WIN contest courtesy of Bear Woods and The Scroll Saw Workshop
Winner is Rebecca Scott for this entry of a Steve Good Pattern: 

steve good pattern

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