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Scroll Saw Blades for Puzzles.  Niqua's Pebeco 2/0 and Pegas MGT 2/0

You will love the speed and thin kerf of these scroll saw blades for cutting puzzles.

Bear Woods Supply is proud to bring to you Niqua Scroll Saw Blades, straight from the factory in Germany and Pegas Blades, straight from the factory in Switzerland.

The Modified Geometry 2/0 (MGT) is a fantastic and popular blade for cutting puzzles. You can learn more about MGT blades and see rave reviews here.

The Pebeco 2/0 from Niqua is an exceptional blade for cutting puzzles because of its thin kerf (blade thickness)Quick-cutting saw blade for wood, horn, synthetic materials and plaster. These scroll saw blades are characterized by the positive cutting angle of their teeth. This results in an aggressive cut with outstanding cutting-speed performance. No drifting of the cut; extremely long useful lives due to special hardening in oil.

Steve Good's pattern booklets   Scroll Saw Puzzle Patterns to make children's puzzles
Steve Good of the Scroll Saw Workshop has a brilliant booklet of puzzle patterns. Weddings, anniversaries and any occasion you can take a photo of will make a wonderful gift. - Click here to visit the Scroll Saw Workshop and order the pattern booklet for $7 directly from Steve.  The video above shows everything you need to make these truly special gifts.  Here's Steve's description:  If you want to create a unique gift for that special occasion then check this out. With my jigsaw template, you can turn your precious photos into forever memory jigsaw puzzles. There are 30 templates for all the standard photo sizes up to 8" X 10" and 300 pieces.  Mike Holden of AWC Woods (You will have seen him featured on our Wooden Wheels and Patterns pages - he made 30 complex models in 34 days) has created a few dozen puzzle patterns for kids puzzles.  He sells lots of them at craft shows and directly through his eStore. Through Bear Woods Gives we are making these puzzles available to you for $2 each.  ALL proceeds will go back to Mike Holden - he makes a few thousand wooden toys each year for needy children. 

Social Connections!  Join these awesome Facebook Groups for Ideas, Encouragement, Tips and lots of Inspiration. Click a link to visit!

1. Scroll Saw and Wood Projects  2. Wooden Toys and Models 3. Making and Fixing Clocks!

Shop Below for Guaranteed Low Prices by the Dozen or Gross

  • Niqua puzzle blade
    Niqua Superior Puzzle Scroll Saw Blade #2/0S (.008" x .023" x 31TPI) (Pk/12)
    Average rating:
    average rating 100%
    Priced From To

    Our Part Number: SSB-050-021
    Click for Details
  • Modified Geometry Scroll Saw Blades
    Pegas Modified Geometry Scroll Saw Blades #2/0R (.0087" x .0236" x 15.4TPI) (Pk/12)
    Average rating:
    average rating 96%
    Priced From To

    Our Part Number: SSB-67
    Click for Details

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