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Clock Hands 8" for High Torque Movements, Black Tapered

Average rating:
average rating 90%
4 reviews
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Per set of Clock Hands
Our Product Code: QH-68
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8 inch clock hands for high torque movements

The measurement is from the hole where the hands mount onto the high torque shaft, to the tip.  Hour hands are proportionate.

These hands are USA Made of quality aluminum.

Tips for making larger wall clocks:

1. Second hands not included - we don't recommend second hands with high torque movements as they draw too much power.  

2. Still want a second hand? - choose our balanced 10 inch red or black second hands that work with our Continuous Sweep High Torque Motors.

3. High Torque Clock Movements to drive hands larger than 5 inches are sold separately.  Click here for the selection.

4.  These hands can be trimmed to a shorter length if you keep the hand balanced. (just put the mounting hole of the minute hand on your fingertip to check the balance) They can be spray painted another colour.

Average rating:
average rating 90%
4 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

average rating 80%
Good product 2022-08-29
The hands were as expected, but really what is there to expect from a couple pieces of thin metal. I gave them a four as they came with slight curves in the minute hand that I had to straighten out and wonder if it could have been packed with some stiff cardboard to help keep them from getting out of flat when shipped.
average rating 100%
Very satisfied 2021-11-23
By DaveWC
I used the Silent, Continuous Sweep High Torque Clock Movements, C-Cell, up to 3/8" with 8" clock hands for high torque and a canvas print that I had made of a Pink Floyd album cover. It looks & works great.
average rating 100%
Working well 2018-02-08
By Barb Lanz
Received items in one day!
Both are working well, thanks
average rating 80%
good 2019-07-17
By delbert willet
working well
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