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3-3/8" Brass Serpentine Clock Hands

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3-3/8" Hands - Serpentine - Brass

This pair of “serpentine” style 3-3/8” hour and minute hands is available in brass or black. The brass hands are a brass clad steel. American “I” shaft configuration.
      • Includes the Hour and Minute Hand
      • Fits any of our clock movements except our 'Compact' style movements
      • Recommended for use with Mini Movements 
⇓ Scroll Down for Clock Motors and Accessories ⇓ ⇓ Choose Silent Sweeping Motion, or Step Motion,  or Chime/Pendulum Motors ⇓
High Torque Clock Motors are more powerful than standard/mini motors - made specifically to handle the extra weight of longer clock hands up to 18" in length. Standard/Mini movements run clock hands less than 5 inches long. 

how to choose clock movements and hands

How do I choose the right size clock motor & hands? 
1) Refer to the figure here, or Click Here for helpful info (a new window or tab will open)  

2) The size of hands is based on the length of the minute hand from the mounting hole to the end of the minute hand. (Figures 3 & 4) 

3) Our clock motors are sized by the thickness of the dial the movements can go through.  EG. High torque Q-64 will go through up to 5/8" thick material, while standard/mini motor Q-11 will go through 1/8" thick clock faces. (Figure 1 and  item "A" in Figure 2)

Tip 1)  If your material is too thick, consider removing some to in-set the clock.  Or if your clock face material is too thin, consider adding some material behind the face so the hands will sit closer to your clock face. 

Tip 2) Most hands can be slightly trimmed if need be.

Tip 3) Our customers also spray paint them. 

Average rating:
average rating 100%
3 reviews

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Brass Hands 2020-07-16
By Steve Tomkiewicz
I bought the brass hands as an alternative to the black set I also ordered. Liked the black hand’s looks better, and merely put the brass ones in a bag and attached near the clock works for a possible future change. They do look great, it’s just that they would be too close to the colours of the clock face.
average rating 100%
You did well 2018-07-31
By Gerry Webb
Yes, you did well. All was received in good working order. Clock has been reassembled and is on its way to Singapore
average rating 100%
Clock Hands 2019-03-05
By Bonnie Walker
Clock hand a very delicate and look great