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Rotary Tool Accessories Kit

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  CAD $128.95
Our Product Code: MM-02
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Rotary Tool Wood Carving and Detailing Kit

Get Started Power Carving and Adding Detail to any woodwork with this new kit from Grobet USA!

With the vast variety of power carving discs, drums, burs, and bits available, it’s hard to know where to start and what you need. Hand-selected by the former technical editor of Woodcarving Illustrated and Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts, this kit drills down what you really need to get started with a rotary tool. While this kit was designed to work seamlessly with the Pegas High Speed Rotary Tool, this kit is useful for any woodworker with any rotary tool.

With this kit, you will use every bit, disc, and drum. From long-lasting sanding discs to high-quality sanding drums, you can remove wood quickly and smooth away scratches. The two high-quality high-speed steel burs let you carve in tight areas and add fine details. The 3M Bristle Discs let you remove fuzzies and rough spots without changing the overall shape of the piece. The separating discs cut metal easily, and cut and scorch wood for decorative effects. Use your favorite sanding cloth in the tapered mandrels (hold it in place with a bit of tape or a small rubber band) to sand in tight spots (tapered) or wide areas (straight). You choose the grit.

As your skills advance, watch Bear Woods for more great carving burs, bits, and items from Pegas Woodworking.

Here's what's included in the Accessories Kit, Plus you can re-order with us at any time!  See ALL of our Sanding and Finishing Products for your Rotary Tool (yes, they work with a Dremel) HERE.

Description Graphic Qty Our Part Number - Click Link for Detailed info or to order separately.
Fine Sanding Bands Rotary Tool Sanding Bands for Dremel 25 RF-21
Medium Sanding Bands   25 RF-20
Coarse Sanding Bands   25 RF-19
Coarse Sanding Discs sanding disc mandrels 25 RF-SDG-CRS
Medium Sanding Discs   25 RF-SDG-MED
Fine Sanding Discs   25 RF-SDG-FINE
Coarse Bristle Discs Bristle Discs for Rotary Tools 4 RF-3D8
Fine Bristle Discs   4 RF-3D22
Metal Cutting Discs High Speed Cutting Discs 25 RF-CTG-DISC-MDRL
Bud-shaped bur Bud shaped carving bur 1 CB-46
Ball-shaped bur Ball shaped carving bur 1 CB-47
Split Pin Mandrel RF-41-Split 1 RF-41
Taper Split Pin Mandrel RF-42-Split 1 RF-42
Sanding Band Mandrel 3/8 Abrasive Band Mandrel 1 RF-22
Bristle Disc Mandrel with 1/8" Shank and 1/6" Screw wheel mandrels 1 RF-15
Sanding Disc Mandrel with 1/8" Shank and 1/8" Screw wheel mandrel for rotary tools   RF-WHL-MDL

Note - some substitutions may be made (eg a different grit) due to product availability.

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