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Economical Hardwood Dowels in White Birch

We supply Low Cost Birch dowels that have been kiln dried, clear, smooth and accurately sized. 

Buy Birch Dowel Rods

Choose Convenient Bundles of Birch Dowel Rods in 12, 36 or 48" Lengths


Browse other bundles of hardwood dowels. Request a Quote by Length up to 144" (12 feet) and Diameter up to 4 inches.

Our Birch Dowels (as with nearly all birch dowels available in North America) are imported from Asia.  We only source from quality mills that have proven consistent in terms of quality, accuracy and sustainability.  For USA sourced and made materials, check out Poplar, or Maple dowels, which have similar characteristics to Birch.

Shopping Tips:

1) Purchase Birch Dowels right here in singles OR in box quantities - note the Product Name as you browse our selection. (Not all diameters and lengths are available in singles.)

2) If you do not find the dowel size you need here, contact us -  we are  happy to quote on your requirements of any quantity or custom sized dowel rods.

4) Need longer lengths? We recommend Poplar Dowels as Birch is generally not available in lengths longer than 48".

5) Most Birch Dowel Rods are in stock and ready to ship.

What Customers Say:

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