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Hard Maple Dowels and Dowel Rods

Our maple dowels are kiln dried, clear, smooth and accurately sized. Soft Maple Doweling also available

Hard Maple Dowels Wood Specs

Common Name: Maple, Sugar
Botanical Name: Acer saccharum
Density - g/cc: 0.676
Density - lbs/cu.ft.: 42.20
Modulus of rupture, air dry - kg/sq.mm: 10.97
Modulus of elasticity, air dry - kg/sq.mm: 1290

Select Pre-bundled Maple Dowels in 36" or 48" lengths.


Click Here to Request a Quote by Length up to 144" (12 feet) and Diameter up to 4 inches.

Great Pricing Either Way - Purchase Pre-Bundled Maple Dowels or Request a Custom Quote.

Hard maple includes sugar maple (Acer sac‑charum). Sugar maple is also known as rock maple. Maple lumber is manufactured principally in the Middle Atlantic,Great Lake States and Canadian Provinces.The heartwood is usually light reddish brown but sometimes considerably darker. The sapwood is commonly white with a slight reddish-brown tinge. It is usually 8 to 12 cm (3 to 5 in.) wide. Hard maple has a fine, uniform texture. It is heavy, strong, stiff, hard, and resistant to shock and has high shrinkage. The grain of sugar maple is generally straight, but birdseye, curly, or fiddleback grain is often selected for furniture or novelty items.Hard maple is used principally for lumber and veneer. A large proportion is manufactured into flooring, furniture, cabinets, cutting boards and blocks, pianos, billiard cues, handles, novelties, bowling alleys, dance and gymnasium floors, spools, and bobbins.


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