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Cherry Wood Dowel Rods made to order

Kiln dried Black Cherry Doweling - clear, smooth and accurately sized.

Cherry Wood for Dowels

Common Name: Cherry, black
Botanical Name: Prunus serotina
Density - g/cc: 0.534
Density - lbs/cu.ft.: 33.34
Modulus of rupture, air dry - kg/sq.mm: 8.81
Modulus of elasticity, air dry - kg/sq.mm: 1046

Great Pricing either way - Purchase Pre-bundled Cherry Dowels or request a Custom Quote.

About the Cherry wood that turns into our dowels: Cherry, Black. Black cherry (Prunus sero‑ tina) is sometimes known as cherry, wild black cherry, and wild cherry. It is the only native species of the genus Prunusthat that produces commercial lumber. Black cherry is found from southeastern Canada throughout the eastern half of the United States. The heartwood of black cherry varies from light to dark reddish brown and has a distinctive luster. The nearly white sapwood is narrow in old-growth trees and wider in second growth trees. The wood has a fairly uniform texture and very good machining properties. It is moderately heavy, strong, stiff, and moderately hard, with high shock resistance. Although it has moderately high shrinkage, it is very dimensionally stable after drying. Black cherry is used principally for furniture, fine veneer panels, and architectural woodwork. Other uses include burial caskets, wooden ware, novelties, patterns, and paneling.


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