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Axle Pegs for Wooden Model Cars and Trucks - Shop by Size and Quantity Below

We have the wood toy axle pegs to fit your toy wheel, truck, wagon or train right here at Bear Woods Supply.

Buy wood toy axle pegs for wooden wheels
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Shopping Tips for Treaded Wooden Wheels

1) Choose a wooden wheel by diameter and single or dual wheels.  We have a dozen variations of wooden treaded wheels.

2) Choose your axles - alongside each wheel you will see a recommendation of axle pegs.  Or you can select from our hardwood dowels in 12 and 36" lengths plus axle caps.

3) We stock everything you need to complete your wooden car and truck projects including axle pegs, dowels, smokestacks, little wood people, cargo, steering wheels and much more.  Find  our most popular accessories for wooden models on each page where you find product details.

Wooden Axle Pegs make your model cars and wooden trucks easier to complete and give a completed look.  Let our great selection and tips help make the right match!

Shopping Tips - Making Axles for Wooden Wheels:

1) How to choose axles for wooden wheels: When you find the wheels you need, you will see recommendations for the axle pegs that help make your project easier -just look on the details page of each wooden wheel for the axle peg suggestions.  The axle peg suggestions are just under the size of the wheel hole for a free-spinning wheel - you will affix your axle to the frame of the wooden car or truck.

2) Prefer to make your own wooden axles? Scroll below for axle caps and hardwood dowels in 12" lengths - You can choose dowels that have a snug fit in the hole (so that the wheels will not spin independently) or dowels just under the hole size, for free spinning wheels.  The choice is yours.

3) Most axle pegs, caps and dowels are sold in quantities of 10, 25 or 100 for the prices shown - buy more packages to save more!

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