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Axle Peg used for a 3/8" Wheel Hole (Tenon 2-3/8") *For Dual Wheels) (Per 25)

Average rating:
average rating 96%
6 reviews
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Price CAD $9.93 CAD $9.16 CAD $8.22
Price per Bag of 25
Our Product Code: AP-300
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These axle pegs are great for affixing wheels to your wooden models and many other projects! Our axle pegs are of the highest quality, unfinished and sanded smooth. These axles are made to be used with all wheel types and are slightly undersized to fit perfectly with 3/8" Wheel Holes for a beautiful spin fit. 

More information about the dimensions of these wheels can be seen here:

Stock No. Head Diameter Total Length Tenon Length Tenon Diameter Spin Fit
AP-300 1/2" 2.57" 2-3/8" 11/32" 3/8" Wheel Hole

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Average rating:
average rating 96%
6 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

average rating 100%
Excellent quality! 2021-12-19
By Dan Chercover
Very impressive quality,and the price was right.
Anecdote: I bought a bag of 25, and painted the 'hubs' of 24 of them, leaving 1 spare. When I went to install, a few days later, the 24th had gone missing...along with the spare! I had to reorder another bag of 25.
Life, eh?
average rating 100%
Excellent Wooden Items 2019-06-06
By Lynn Burdett
Good quality wooden items, no issues with ordering, very fast shipping and well done delivery. Great people to deal with, answered all questions and are a pleasure to deal with. I will be ordering again.
average rating 100%
Very happy 2018-12-28
By Peter Thompson
Awesome quality, price and service. Delivered right on time and well protected! Highly recommend!
average rating 100%
Toy Parts 2015-09-08
By Jean Martin
All products were as ordered and shipped quickly.
Will order again, Thanks
average rating 80%
Prompt shipping 2020-09-27
By Ben Hendricks
Exactly what I needed.
In my opinion shipping cost was too high.
average rating 100%
Axles 2017-12-28
By Wes Juryn
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