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Scroll Saw Blades Sample Packs from Niqua of Germany

Choose Bear Woods and try the New Spirals, or the Ultra Skip + Reverse.  Sample packs of very popular blades made in Germany

Bear Woods Supply is proud to bring to you Niqua Scroll Saw Blades, straight from the factory in Germany.

Niqua brings us 3 types of spiral blades. Flat Ends Spirals for easier clamping.  Or try Gold Spiral Blades or the New Spiral (with opposing teeth). Shop by size below or scroll down to jump to other styles of blades.

The Ultra Skip + Reverse blades are Niqua's best-selling Flat Blades and feature a small indent at the top of the blade for easily telling which is the top of your blade.  Every third blade is reversed for cleaning the underside of your cut. 

»Sample Packs »Skip Tooth »Spiral Tooth »Pinned ends »Regular Tooth 
»Modified Geometry »Super Skip & Hook Tooth »Metal Cutting  »Skip + Reverse Tooth »Double Skip+ Reverse
» Download the Pegas Blade Selection Chart  »Scroll Saw Patterns » Blade Clamps / Scroll Sandpaper
Pegas Highlights 1) Perfectly set teeth to ensure accurate cutting and a clean, smooth finish, 2) Precision stamped, tooth by tooth for straight cuts, 3) Perfect heat treatment means they are hard yet not fragile, 4) Stay sharp longer, 5) Quieter with less vibration or burning. 
 niqua scroll saw blades FD »Ultra Skip + Reverse »Flat Ends Spiral »Gold (Classic) Spiral »New Spiral »Blades for Puzzles
»Sample Packs »Drill Bits Read Scroll Saw Workshop's Intro of Niqua Blades


Niqua Highlights 1)  Spiral Blades with Flat Ends for easier install, 2) The wildly popular Ultra Skip + Reverse that features a fast cut with every third tooth reversed for quick, clean cutting. 3) Top quality with precision heat treatment for durability and cutting control.

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