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Niqua Scroll Sample Pack Spiral Gold Blades - 5 Dozen Blades

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Price CAD $20.45
Per Sample Pack of 8 Dozen Blades
Our Product Code: SSB-GOLD-SPIRAL
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Niqua Scroll Sample Pack - Spiral Gold Blades

Sample Pack Includes a dozen of all sizes of Spiral Gold Blades: #3/0, #2/0, #0, #1, #3, #5

Due to manufacturing availability one or two items may be substituted for a similar item at the time of shipment. If you require a specific size please let us know ahead of time. We hope to have stock shortages remedied soon. Thank you for understanding.

These blades are excellent for cutting wood, horn and plastic! The possess the ability to make all-around cuts as the Spiral teeth turn all the way around the blades.