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Schaaf Premium Hand Carving Tools

Hand-sharpened for the highest quality of work.
Carve with ease using these professional quality tool at a much more affordable entry cost.

Want to see why Schaaf Tools are worth it? - Watch Below!

  • wooden-mallet-schaaf3
    Mallet 12 oz. Urethane Head CAD $39.00
    Our Part Number: CT-01
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  • 12-piece-premium-previewcopy
    12-piece Premium Hand Sharpened Beginner Carving Set CAD $183.30
    Our Part Number: CT-02P
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  • 4-piece-fishtail-premium-previewcopy
    4-piece Fishtail Gouge Set Premium Hand Sharpened CAD $97.50
    Our Part Number: CT-04P
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  • 7-piece-premium-previewcopy
    7-piece Additional Profile Set Premium Hand Sharpened CAD $138.50
    Our Part Number: CT-06P
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