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Flat Head Wood Plugs - Flat Top Wood Plugs 

Choose from the best selection in Canada of wood plugs - at fantastic prices you won't find anywhere else.  North American Made!

Buy wood plugs and mushroom buttons | Bear Woods Supply

In Stock - Birch, Maple, Oak, Walnut and Cherry Flat Head Wood Plugs.

Shopping Tip - Stock items are Sold in Bags of 100 Flathead Wood Plugs

Flathead wood plugs are a great way to make holes in your woodworking and woodcraft projects disappear.  Flat head plugs are available in several sizes.

Scroll down to see size selections of Special order flathead wood plugs.

  • Beech flat top wood plugs,
  • Cherry flat top wood plugs,
  • Walnut flathead wood plugs,
  • Mahogany wood plugs,
  • Ash flathead plugs and more.


We also supply Sidegrain Wood Plugs for Flooring, Stairs, and Furniture - which are premium plugs used when you want a plug to virtually disappear with the grain of your application.  View our entire selection of Wood Plugs.

What Customers Say:

* Images alongside each product below are used demonstrate shape of plug but may not be of actual size or species.

* Special Order Plugs - Most require a minimum purchase of 5000 plugs - but contact us and we will see if we can help with a smaller order.

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