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Adjustable Chime with Pendulum Movement (up to 1/4" thick dial)

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Per Chime with Pendulum Clock Motor
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If you forget to add hands or the pendulum rod/bob and you'd still like the hands or rod and bob a SEPERATE shipping fee will apply.
We always recommend new hands, as older hands may not fit the American I Shaft design.

Quad Tubular Chime Movement with optional pendulum

Features 5 chiming options, on-off and night mode, plus an optional pendulum.  Suitable for a 1/4" thick clock face and works with our smaller clock hands under 5" length.  

This is a top of the line quartz clock movement with all the features our customers ask for.   

This clock movement has the sound of a tubular bell grandfather clock movement, with the convenience and the accuracy of a quartz movement. It operates on two C cell batteries, and has the largest speaker available of any chime movement - 3" in diameter! This movement will also operate perfectly well with or without a pendulum.

Choose a free or premium clock hand set from below.  We offer 28 options that are free - choose from below.

Click here to learn more about choosing the right clock movement and hands.

Note: this movement is only compatible with the QB-258 rod & bob set


  • Simulates Tubular Bell Sound With Superior Quality from a remote speaker.
  • Multiple Chime Options
Mechanical Westminster
Ave Maria
Westminster Bell
4 Christmas songs (Wish You a Merry Christmas, Jingle Bells, Tis the Season, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer)


  • 24 hour mode
  • Night silencer mode 10:15 pm - 5:45 am 
  • Off mode 
  • Can be used with or without Pendulum | Pendulum support may be removed 
  • Adjustable volume control
  • Operated on 2 x C cell Batteries 
  • American I shaft, fits hands under 5"
  • Option for 4x4 Chime (every 15 minutes) or 2 Chimes/Hour (hour count and strike on half hour)
Specifications Operating Voltage:  1.3V - 1,7 V | Battery type: 2 x C cell Batteries | Time Accuracy: +/- 30 sec/month at 1,5V DC | 25ºC unadjusted Torque at second hand: 0,6 (GF-CM) | Torque at minute hand: 3,6 (GF-CM) | Operation temp. range: -10ºC - +60ºC | Max Pendulum swing: 10º | Max Pendulum length: 42 cm / 16 1/2" | Max Pendulum Weight: 100g | Size 117 mm (W) x 124.6 mm (H) x 32 mm (D) | Size fractional 4 5/8" (W) x 4 7/8" (H) x 1 1/4" (D)​ 
* If you forget to add hands or the pendulum rod/bob and you'd still like the hands or rod and bob a separate shipping fee will apply.  We always recommend new hands, as older hands may not fit the American I Shaft design.  If you don't want the hands or Rod/Bob, please let us know by following the instructions below.
Choose your pendulum rod and bob with purchase Choose Free Clock Hands Replacing Clock Parts

**When repairing a clock we always recommend new hands as your old ones may not fit.

  • Dimensions:4-1/2 inches wide x 4-3/4 inches high x 1-3/8 inches deep
  • Overall Shaft Length:5/8"
  • Threaded Shaft Diameter:5/16"
  • Threaded Shaft Length: 5/16"
  • Runs on 2 C batteries
  • Runs hands up to 4-7/8" inches long
  • Works with Material up to 1/4" thick

  • The maximum capacity for pendulums on this movement is 100 grams (3-1/2 ounces).
  • Pendulums swing without battery power - using momentum and magnet. Keep your clock level and perpendicular to the ground for continuous pendulum motion. For a battered powered pendulum consider our Heavy Duty Pendulum Drive QB-DRV

  • Hardware Included

  • Brass Washer
  • Hex Nut
  • Open End Nut

  • Optional Hardware

    Add an Black Endcap for $0.50
    or Add an Endcap for $0.50

    Average rating:
    average rating 92%
    5 reviews

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    Featured positive reviews:

    average rating 100%
    A Clock that Works Great 2019-02-04
    By Lloyd Irwin
    Purchased a pendulum chime clock mechanism with pendulum and clock hands to replace the mechanism in an existing wall clock who's battery mechanism was failing.
    This replacement was received on the date promised and in good condition. The Westminster sound is great and it fit my clock face with no problem. The mechanism had a couple more buttons on it with no instructions but bear Woods customer service were great in obtaining and providing the instructions. Somehow the new hands did not get included with the shipment, but I was able to modify the old hands to work so I was credited for the cost of the hands.
    This company is great to deal with and the customer service is great as well.
    Would recommend to anyone.
    average rating 80%
    Disappointing Instructions 2022-01-02
    By Dave Steeds
    New to clock repair, did not realize different types of arm mounts (wanted to maintain original appearance. Was able to modify minute hand to work.
    Set up instructions referenced was not for movement received and conflicted with instructions on movement. Managed to figure things out only to find correct instructions in FAQ.
    Product itself seems good but support was confusing and disappointing.
    average rating 80%
    Quite satisfied 2020-07-03
    By Anthony Stones
    Was very pleased with the ease of ordering and the quick delivery. The product lived up to expectations, although I could have used a small manual, explaining the features and including installation tips. But, all in all, very satisfied with the service.
    average rating 100%
    Service & quality 2020-03-28
    By Alec Peirce
    Great customer service; works well with dummies - patient & helpful. The product does exactly what it's supposed to do - very refreshing.
    average rating 100%
    Sounds great 2018-10-13
    By Jacques Bruyere
    both items purchased work/fit great. I now have a clock that sounds great and keeps up the time. Thank you
    How to Use

    Click here to learn about setting up this quartz movement.