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"Old 99" Locomotive & Tender Woodworking Plan

  • Precision drafted full sized plans by Toys and Joys
  • Complete, At-A-Glance materials list
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Beautifully precise patterns enable you to create and display quality replicas of your favorite cars, trucks, equipment etc.

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Buy wood toy parts, wooden wheels, game pieces | Bear Woods SupplyAdd Parts to go with your Wood Car and Truck Patterns 

1) Use the Parts List chart below to see which items  the pattern calls for.  Choose a quantity and click "Add to Cart" 

2) Prices are for the quantity noted with each item - Buy more to save more. Note: the quantities we supply are for great wholesale value - you can use these parts toward many Toys and Joys Plans or your own designs!  Plans often call for less than our full bags or bundles.  

3)  Eg. AP-090 is an axle peg we sell in bags of 100 pegs for $9.38.  Add to Cart Quantity of 1 will get you 100 axle pegs for $9.38.  PLUS we have discount prices - buy more to save more!

4) Shop all of our DIY wood toy making parts and see fantastic quantity discounts.

Recommended Wooden Parts List from our selection of wooden parts- Click the link here to add to your cart instantly.  Or Scroll down to see links to our categories of parts and prices  
Axle Pegs and Axle / Hub Caps
14 of AP-090 Wood Axle Pegs
Sold in Bags of 100 for $9.38 
4 of AP-100S Wood Axle Pegs
Bags of 100 for $10.00 
4 of AP-244 Wood Axle Pegs
Sold in bags of 25 for $8.71
2 of AC-018 Wood Axle Caps
Sold in bags of 10
Wooden Wheels
4 of TTW-225 Wood Train Wheels
Sold individually for $1.01 each
6 of TTW-136 Wood Train Wheels
Sold in Bags of 25 for $9.36
8 of TTW-150 Wood Train Wheels
Sold in bags of 25 for $12.25
4 of TW-100 Contoured Wooden Wheels  
Wooden Toy Accessories
2 of TP-340 Wooden Drums   1 of TP-075 Wooden Headlights
Sold in bags of 25 for $8.10
Plus some wooden dowels - These are all 12" Sticks.  More sizes available (click here to see dowels selection)
4 of BD-332-12 Wooden Dowels   1 of BD-0125-12 Wooden Dowels  
1 of BD-025-12 Birch Dowels   4 of BD-031-12 Birch Dowels  
1 of BD-018-12 Wooden Dowels      
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How to Use

Each Toys and Joys Pattern is a full sized blueprint style pattern, complete with scale drawings and measurements of each part. You can also reference the tab "Recommended Parts" for some popular items required by the pattern that you can buy (or make).

Here's some tools we suggest that will help you to work with most of the Toys and Joys patterns.

Band Saw or other saw to cut the body pieces.
Drill Press
Power Sander: Disc Sander / Belt Sander Combination)
Table Saw
Spindle Sander (Not required but can be useful)
Small clamps (Rubber Bands can be used in some cases)
Scroll Saw (Nice to have, but not required)
Lathe (Only required for a 3 models) (Locomotives, & Ready Mix Truck)
Some hand tools can be useful.

Plus of course some Glue - we recommend our Titebond Glue

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