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Modified Geometry Scroll Saw Blades #3R (.0126 x .0335 x 12.4TPI) (Pk/12)

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average rating 95%
19 reviews
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Per pack of 12 quality scroll saw blades
Our Product Code: SSB-6830
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NOTE - As of January 22nd, we are back-ordered on these blades for about 2 weeks.  Order today to hold your place in line, and watch your email for options.

Modified Geometry Scroll Saw Blades #3R - Swiss Made

Swiss made Pégas Modified Geometry Scroll Saw Blades tooth design minimizes burning, tolerates aggressive feed rates, expels chips extremely fast. This leaves a smooth finish and cuts patterns accurately.

These blades can be used on soft and hard wood, and are also well suited for plastic. If you are currently using Olson PGT or Mach blades you will love our Modifed Geometry blades.

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Average rating:
average rating 95%
19 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

average rating 100%
Very pleased 2019-09-19
By Brian Stevenson
I am very pleased with the quickness of the order of scrollsaw blades that recently received. Having ordered frommyiur company before, I knew that I would not be displeased at all. I have found that the Pegaus scroll saw blades are fantastic to use. They cut cleaner and I can slow my cutting speed down and still cut at the same pace due to the aggressive but smooth cutting.
average rating 100%
Great quality 2019-12-09
By kevin wiebe
I purchased these blades (recommended by Steve Good) to cut down on the frizzies on the back of the piece I'm cutting and I am amazed at how little fuzzies there actually are, Awesome blades, would recommend them to any one who needs a good quality blade and delivery was right on time(2 days)
average rating 100%
Pegas Blades 2018-11-14
By Glenn Miller
These blades were purchased after watching a review by Steve Good. Compared to the basic blades I had from a big box, these are smaller, and easier to control. Will have no problems ordering more, and different styles of blades.
average rating 80%
Blades 2017-11-03
By Patrick Shea
I tried Pegas #3R blades on the recommendation of a friend and was impressed the way they stay sharp and cut clean. I was cutting stacked white oak and having trouble with Olson blades not doing the job.
average rating 100%
Love these blades 2019-03-06
By Anna R.
I have used modified geometry blades before but this time tried a smaller size for fretwork. Still very pleased with them. Order arrived promptly.
average rating 100%
Wooden toy plans 2018-12-27
By Rino Boucher
Excellent plans, order was complete and delivered quickly. Saw blades are excellent quality. I would reorder from this supplier.
average rating 80%
Blades 2019-03-09
By Yvan Gervais
Trying these blades for the first time.
Very impressed by the precision and quality of the blades.
Will come back for more.
average rating 100%
Pegas Scroll Saw Blades 2017-12-09
By Stan Matthews
Excellent blades, great for stack cutting 4 x 1/8" baltic birch ornaments. Tolerate tight turns with no burning. Good control.
average rating 100%
very pleased 2018-12-11
By Kim Szalanski
The blades I ordered are superior, strong and cut very well.
The service is good and I will order more when I need them.
average rating 100%
Very pleased 2019-10-04
By Gerry Gracey
These blades go through hardwood easily and seem to outlast the other brands I’ve used in the past.
average rating 100%
Happy customer 2020-01-19
By Gordon Sutton
I am a very satisfied customer the service was excellent and the products are second to none
average rating 100%
modified geometry blades 2017-08-01
By michel marcoux
fast delivery, good packaging. Very good blades.
No right drifting like regular blades .
average rating 100%
Pegas Blades 2017-07-24
By Ronald Bailey
Very pleased with these blades, using #3 MG on both hardwood and baltic birch.
average rating 80%
\\\\\\\like the way it cuts 2020-02-16
By Barry Balls
Great product .Fleible enough on small turns that does not break
average rating 100%
Blades 2018-02-15
By William Bailey
Pegas blades rule! Major improvement for my hobby!
average rating 100%
blades 2018-02-13
By jacques belanger
very good blades and very quick shipping
average rating 100%
#3R 2019-03-07
By Delle Fairclough
These blades so a beautiful sawing job:)
average rating 80%
nice quality 2015-12-02
By Michael Thomas
Makes a really good cut.
average rating 100%
Great quality. 2020-07-09
By Allan Senio
Good blades.

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