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Tide Hand for Tide and Time Clock Movements 1-5/8"

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average rating 80%
1 reviews
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Red Tide Hand for Time and Tide Clock Movements - Free with Purchase

This 1-5/8" Red Tide Clock Hand points to the tidal stage while the clock hands you select will point to the time.  

Choose one free with each Time and Tide Clock Movement Purchased.  Still need a dial or a movement? Click here to see our options for Tide Dials and Time and Tide Movements.

Average rating:
average rating 80%
1 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

average rating 80%
time/tide clock mechanism and hands 2018-01-31
By Wendy Vickers
The time/tide clock mechanism is working well so far (it's only been a week). The hour and tide hands fit well on the shaft but the minute hand flopped around on the end of the shaft as it wasn't tight enough to sit there securely without the nut (I was using a second hand as well so the nut could not be utilized on the shaft). I had the set of hands from the mechanism I was replacing and they did the job for me. Since the hands came free with the mechanism and I had a spare set available, it wasn't a big deal. However, if I hadn't had the spare set I would've been in a bit of a bind since I would have had to have re-ordered hands and the shipping costs are too prohibitive for the value of the hands. There is nothing in my neck of the woods that is available to purchase otherwise without having to order online. Good customer service. I'm pleased to have found this supplier.
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