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Premium Quality Clock Inserts / Clock Fit-ups  37 mm (1-7/16")

Our 1-7/16" (37mm) mini clock inserts (fit-ups) use Seiko movements. Features a solid stainless steel backing with glass crystals and alloy bezels.

Clock inserts and fit-ups in 37mm | Bear Woods SupplyClock inserts and fit-ups in 37mm | Bear Woods Supply

Always in stock an extensive assortment of clock fit-ups in white, ivory, gold and fancy dials, gold and silver bezels.

  • Each fit-up is supplied with a flexible gasket for a snug fit and easy installation.
  • Battery is included and is easy to replace when required.
  • We stock matching thermometers, hygrometers and picture frames to go with our 1-7/16" clock inserts.

1-7/16" Refers to the Outside Diameter of the clock insert.  See product details for mounting hole sizes as there can be variation.

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What Customers Say:

Mix and Match 1-7/16" clock inserts of the same size for lower quantity pricing.  For example, purchase 2 QF-04 and 1 QF-03 to get the lower price of buying 3 clock inserts. 

How to start the clock and / or change the battery - To start the clock, remove the plastic tab that stops the crown of the clock from being pressed in, thus saving the battery. To change the battery, use the space revealed by the removal of the plastic tab and use a small tool to pry the backing off. You will then see the battery for easy change.

starting clock insert batteries starting battery on clock inserts Starting clock inserts changing the battery on clock inserts