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Brass Serpentine Clock Hands | Bear Woods Supply

Clock Hands 2-1/16" Brass (For up to 6" Dial diameter)

CAD $0.00

2-1/16" Clock Hands - Brass

•     Fits up to 6" Dial diameter

•     Free with purchase of clock movement

•     Fits any of our clock movements except our 'Compact' style movements

•     Includes Hour hand, Minute hand, and a red Second hand

Please choose the same number of hands as movements ordered - Clock hands may be purchased without a movement at $1.50 per set.

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How to choose the correct clock hands for making clocks:

      1. Clock Hands Sizing - Measured from the mounting hole of the minute hand to the tip of the minute hand.
      2. Clock Hands 4.5" and Shorter. $1.50 each or 1 set free with purchase of a standard clock movement.  The set includes a second hand, minute hand and hour hand.
      3. Clock hands 5" and longer are priced as listed, and require a high torque/high power clock motors.  Second hand not included.  10" sweep second hands are available and will pair with clock hands 10" and longer, and can be driven by our Continuous Sweep (Silent) High Torque Clock Motors.
      4. Check out this helpful info to correctly size your new and replacement clock parts.

How to choose clock hands and mechanisms

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