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Free with Purchase of Clock Movements - Clock Hands 4-1/2" Brass Spade (For up to 9-1/2" Dial diameter)

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average rating 93%
3 reviews
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Our Product Code: QH-112
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4-1/2" Clock Hands - Brass

•     Fits up to 9-1/2" Dial diameter

•     Includes Hour hand and Minute hand, Second Hand Sold Separately

Measurement refers to the length from the mounting hole in the minute hand to its pointer tip

•     Free with purchase of Standard Clock Movement

One free set of hands from selections marked at $0.00 price - Clock hands may be purchased without a clock movement at the noted price - search for our product code with an A at the end (eg QH-111A).

SpecificationsFree with Purchase of a Standard Power Clock Motor - Choose one set of hands per motor. Second Hands Sold Separately. Other styles and sizes available for a small fee.
Average rating:
average rating 93%
3 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

average rating 80%
Interesting problem 2020-06-24
By Jan Eakes
There seems to be a borderline hole in the selection of hands. For the small motors you stop at 5 inches, and for the larger motors you start at 7 inches. I could not find 6" hands anywhere on the site, so since these 4-1/2" hands came free with the motor I got them just in case. I finally reworked my old 6" hands to make them fit although these were well made and a perfect fit. Although I didn't use them they helped me to rework the old 6" hands to fit this motor.
average rating 100%
Get them! 2018-03-12
By Etienne
Good on Bear Woods to offer these replacement sets free... indeed as suspected, and as pointed out on the web site, the original hands did not fit the new movement, so these new hands are a must. Decent choices available too, thanks!
average rating 100%
Positive 2013-08-01
By mark harman
The free clock hands I received with my clock movement order were gorgeous. They fit perfectly and functioned without any problems. Thanks Bear Woods Clock!
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