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Replaceable Tips - Standard - Colwood Wood Burning

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  CAD $51.15
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Replaceable Tip Standard Variety Package


WB-B (1/4" Large Point - Largest of the straight point tips which can be used for doing straight lines of varying weight or outlining.)
WB-C (Writing tip style) - useful for any curved lines or marks. Used for burning plaques and designs, and for signs.
WB-D (3/16" Small Round - Tips Bent on an Angle can be used for a variety of shading purposes without putting your hand in an awkward position.)
WB-J (Tight round - Allows you to easily make straight or curved lines in a tight radius, and it can also be laid flat on its side and used as a shader in tight spaces.)
WB-S (3/16" Shading)

All Replaceable Tips require a Replaceable Tip Handle to operate. We also suggest the replaceable tip puller, honing cloth and cleaning cloth

Average rating:
average rating 100%
1 reviews

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Perfect 2022-07-12
By Antoine Belhumeur
They are strong and easy to use. Very happy!
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