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Mini Pendulum Quartz Clock Movement (up to 3/4" thick dial face)

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Per Each Movement - Hands and Pendulum by Selection Only
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Compact Pendulum Quartz Clock Movement (up to 3/4" thick dial face)

These Pendulum Clock Mechanisms are ideal for compact clock cases. These clock motors run a step second hand on a single 'AA' battery and comes with a 1 year warranty and is USA Made.

Mini Pendulum Mechanism Features:

  • Mini Pendulum Movement Size 2-1/8 inches wide x 3-3/8 inches high x 7/8 inches deep.
  • 1 year Warranty
  • USA Made
  • Runs Step Second Hand and Hands under 5" (Scroll down for details)
  • Powered by AA Battery (Not Included)
  • Mounting hardware included. Hanger sold separately.
Stock #

For Clock Dials / 
Face Material Up To:

Threaded Shaft Length

Overall Shaft Length


3/4" thick



Runs Clock hands up to 4-1/2" Long. Want to make a larger clock? Consider High Torque Pendulum Clock Movements which will run hands up to 18" Long.

Mini Clock Mechanism Shopping Tips:


1) Scroll Down to Add your Pendulum Rod (Adjustable 16") and Bob (3 diameter Options below) - specially designed for battery operated movements*

2) Mix and Match Sizes of Pendulum Clock Movements to get a better price.

* If you forget to add hands or the pendulum rod/bob and you'd still like the hands or rod and bob a separate shipping fee will apply.  We always recommend new hands, as older hands may not fit the American I Shaft design.  If you don't want the hands or Rod/Bob, please let us know by following the instructions below.

Choose your pendulum rod and bob with purchase Choose Free Clock Hands Replacing Clock Parts

**When repairing a clock we always recommend new hands as your old ones may not fit.

  • Dimensions:2-1/8 inches wide x 3-5/8 inches high x 7/8 inches deep/li>
  • Overall Shaft Length:1-1/4"
  • Threaded Shaft Diameter:5/16"
  • Threaded Shaft Length: 7/8"
  • Runs on 1 AA battery
  • Runs hands up to 4-7/8" inches long
  • Works with Material up to 3/4" thick

  • The maximum capacity for pendulums on this movement is 100 grams (3-1/2 ounces).
  • Pendulums swing without battery power - using momentum and magnet. Keep your clock level and perpendicular to the ground for continuous pendulum motion. For a battered powered pendulum consider our Heavy Duty Pendulum Drive QB-DRV

  • Hardware Included

  • Brass Washer
  • Hex Nut
  • Open End Nut
  • Hanger Sold Separately
  • Optional Hardware

    Add an Black Endcap for $0.50
    or Add an Endcap for $0.50

    Average rating:
    average rating 100%
    4 reviews

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    Featured positive reviews:

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    perfect fit, working well 2022-02-07
    By Dusty
    This pendulum clock movement is keeping perfect time. The pendulum is beating a perfect rhythm. I'm using these in old mechanical clocks that have long since passed on. The face,frames and bezel are still in good shape and look wonderful with the new movement. I would submit a photo if this review allowed for it.
    average rating 100%
    Happy customer 2021-12-15
    By Brian Lawrence
    I am very pleased with the quality of the movement. It was easily installed into my project.
    My order took a long time to arrive, but that's not your fault. We'll blame Canada post for that.
    average rating 100%
    Fit perfectly 2022-03-28
    By Rob
    After trying to find a part for a custom built clock at other suppliers, with no luck, I finally ordered it here. It fit perfectly and staff at Bear Woods were great!
    average rating 100%
    Rudi 2018-07-27
    By Rudy Kroon
    Everything fitted fine, the repaired click runs good. You handled my order well and friendly. I will not hesitate to deal with you again in the future. Thank you
    How to Use

    Install a FRESH Duracell or Energizer Battery (But not a rechargeable type).  In our experience, these are the only batteries that are reliable for clock mechanisms.