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Maple Wooden Spindle 9 X

Maple Wooden Spindle 9 X
Average rating:
average rating 60%
1 reviews
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Each Maple Spindle
Our Product Code: BS-200
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USA Made Hardwood Maple Spindles

•     Hard Maple

•    9 ¼” Total Length x 3/4" Thickest Width

•     3/8" Tenon Diameter 

•     1" Approx. Tenon Length (Please note that the tenon length may vary)

•     6-3/4" Body Length

•     Unfinished smooth wood

•     Made in the USA

Beautifully detailed and turned - ready for your projects!

Check out our massive selection of wood shapes, cut-outs, blocks and rings!
How to Use

Please review product details to see approximate tenon lengths, and the specific body length on each size of spindle.  Please note that overall length can vary slightly in each batch we make, but the body length will remain the same.

Maple Wooden Spindle 9 X
Average rating:
average rating 60%
1 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

Maple Wooden Spindle 9 X
average rating 60%
Not running true
Several of the spindles in the pack I purchased ran terribly out of round in the middle when placing one end in a collet and the other end supported by a live center (after using a concentric sleeve to put a small center drill hole) at the other end. My plan was to modify them slightly for a project I am working on. Had to set those aside to decide what to do with them later. Not sure yet if I will order more due to the potential waste.

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